Access Neurology Consultants

Doctors When and Where You Need Them


**Our Doctors will be on vacation from July 20-31th, 2018**

We have worked hard to create a much needed service for our patients. Access Neurology Consultants' physicians will travel to your home, office, or nursing home to provide neurological services. Either for convenience or because of difficulty travelling, take advantage of our service.

***Our practice is a Concierge Only Practice you must be signed up for the service to be seen by our doctors.***


Our unique benefits:

  • Our physicians come to your home, office, or nursing home*
  • We guarantee a timely appointment
  • Easy access to your neurologist via telephone, email, or video conferencing**
  • No hassles. We do not require office visits nor charge for script refills, doctor notes, or simple paperwork
  • We coordinate as needed directly with your primary care physician


Fees, limitations, and details:

There is a $199 fee every three months. We do not auto renew so you will need to renew if you need services.

Our fee is not covered by medical insurance and is payable by credit card.  Your insurance company will be billed for routine physician services and depending on your insurance, there may be a co-pay due.

*To qualify for home visits you must be located within 20 minutes of Alexandria Hospital for Dr. Alway and within 20 minutes of Mount Vernon Hospital for Dr. Khosla. Additionally, the doctor who sees you must accept your health insurance (refer to Our Doctors page for accepted insurances before ordering to confirm). Please check on google maps if you are not sure about the distance.

**Video conferencing requires that the patient have access to certain cell phone applications (for example, iPhone's face-time) or personal computer programs (for example, Skype) at their end. 

A patient (or their representative) who makes an appointment but who then is not available for that appointment at the agreed time (either at a location of their choosing or in our office), can be charged a $50 'no show' fee.

Although many follow-up interactions can be handled without a visit, the physician may at times require a face-to-face interaction with a patient, depending on the issue at hand.  

We can be contacted by phone Monday to Friday 9:00am-1:00pm.

Our Doctors have both office hours and home visits Monday to Friday.

If you want to sign up please click on the Get Started on the menu and add the 3 month concierge service only. Once we receive your order we will create a chart and give you a call for your first appointment.